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This is the key video for the Alongsiders series. It is the entry point for the full resource, designed to open the conversation on what being an alongsider means for you and your faith community... wherever you are.

In this video, sit down with intercultural team members Rours, Reaksmey and Paul as they explore what they are learning about being alongsiders. And then, take a moment to consider what being an alongsider looks like for you. How is God calling you to step out and live as an alongsider? 

Discussion Questions

This video can be used as a discussion prompter for churches and small groups. It's our prayer that your faith community takes this piece, and uses it to spark a new conversation about how you are individually and collectively living as alongsiders.

As a church (or small group), watch the Alongsiders video during your service, and then invite people to form small discussion groups. Use the PPT slides or printable PDF to share the questions. 

  • What do you think it means to be an alongsider?
  • What does this look like in your life? 
  • What are you learning about being an alongsider? Choose one word each to reflect on: love / patience / prayer / openness / partnership / time / hope / humility / peace
  • How is God calling you to step and journey with others? Is there anything holding you back?

Sharing the Video

We are passionate about seeing faith communities and followers of Jesus across Australia step out and live as alongsiders. Alongsiders who build relationships, listen and humbly share the good news of Jesus. Alongsiders who live as people of prayer, peace, love and partnership.  

Because that’s what we are all called to do! Whether here in Australia or on the other side of the world, as Jesus followers we are called to step out and meet people where they are. 

This video has been created to inspire, challenge and encourage all followers of Jesus to journey alongside their friends and neighbours, sharing God's love and being people of peace... no matter where in the world we are.

So, will you help us get the message out there by sharing this video?  

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Ideas for sharing:

  • Send it to your Pastor or mission representative 
  • Play it during a service and engage in the discussion questions
  • Share it on your church's social media
  • Add it to the mission section of your church's website
  • Share it with your small group

Extended Conversation

There's more! Reaksmey, Rours and Paul had lots more stories and reflections to share. So we also recorded an 30 minute extended version of their conversation as a Missioning podcast episode. 

In this extended conversation, Rours, Reaksmey and Paul dig further into what being alongsider means to them. Paul shares from his experiences in Central Asia and Australia. And Reaksmey and Rours share stories from their years in Brisbane, where they are living as they prepare to join the Baptist Mission Australia team in Cambodia. 

Thank you to everyone who made this short film possible:
Rours, Reaksmey, Paul, Jodie, Beck, Gerry, Jemimah, Dema, Phil, Lena, Teagan, Scott and Susan.

Extra special thanks to Baptist Financial Services Australia LTD (BFS) for sponsoring this video. 

Alongsiders has been produced by Thick Black Frames.