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To launch our new name we have produced a short video to celebrate who we are as a mission community. Who is part of this mission community? You! Your church and all partnering church communities, our team members around the world and the team back in Australia supporting them, our Board and all the faithful pray-ers, givers and advocates who enable our teams to go.

We're a diverse community, coming together from different cultures and backgrounds, working towards a common, Spirit-revealed vision. To see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways. 

This is who we are. Thanks for being part of the team.

Sharing this video

We're excited about this new season of ministry as Baptist Mission Australia! And we want to share the news far and wide among the Australian Baptist community and beyond. So can we ask you share this video? 

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Ideas for sharing:

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Video Script

Who is Baptist Mission Australia?
We’re Jesus followers, good news share-ers and people lovers.
We’re go-ers, risk-takers, adventurers and senders.
We’re the intercultural team members on the ground,
And the people partnering with them in churches across the nation. 

We’re committed to coming alongside and meeting people where they are.
We’re for relationships, building bridges and finding common ground. 
We’re about word and deed.
We’re about inviting people to meet Jesus.
To see and follow Him in ways that make sense to them... in their own distinctive ways.

We’re about mission over there and mission over here.
Why? Because Australians Baptists are a mission people!

Who is Baptist Mission Australia?
We’re storytellers. 
We’re God’s story tellers.
We’re 140 years of faith stories! 
We’re pray-ers, givers, encouragers and do-ers,
We’re partners.

We’re disciples committed to disciple-making. 
We’re for asking questions, for making mistakes and for trying again.
We’re building on an inspiring past and investing in the next generations. 
We’re about new ideas, old truths and a hope that never changes. 

We’re about speaking in their language and learning their ways, as we communicate the way, in a way that makes sense to them.
We’re for taking time. 
And standing with locals so their communities can be better places
We’re for moving outside our comfort zones… and even changing time zones!

Who is Baptist Mission Australia?
We’re you. We’re her. We’re him. We’re them. 
We’re from many places and different cultures.
We’re all of us working together, embracing God’s gracious invitation to mission.
Listeners, learners, alongsiders, ordinary people with the mission of God in our hands.

We’re the intercultural mission of the Australian Baptist movement. 
And that’s why we’ve changed our name from Global Interaction to Baptist Mission Australia
And we invite you to join us,
To pray, to give, to go, to come alongside

Thank you
A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this video to make it happen: Kath and Cam, Liz and Glenn, Josh, Scott, Dema and Carolyn, Lena, Teagan, Scott and Bek, Rob and Deb, Jeminah, Peter and Esther, Nithya, Gunther and Sarah, and Caryn. 

Special thanks to Nick Marris for filming and editing.