70th Anniversary Celebrations - Papua New Guinea

Wednesday 31 Jul

"They rejoiced to hear the Word of God."

Geoff Cramb, former PNG Intercultural Worker and Country Counsultant, recently joined with other workers for the 70th Anniversary celebrations. Here he shares a snapshot of that experience. 

"A large number at the 70th Anniversary of the coming of Australian Baptists to the Baiyer Valley in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea expressed deep appreciation that we were there, celebrating with them – a crowd of over 2,000.

“We are the fruit of what you have done.” These young adults not only have participated in community and educational development but also have followed the lead of their parents who experienced new life in Jesus. They highlight their experience of freedom from the fear of failing to appease evil spirits. Now, a purpose, meaning and joy is obvious. As you read this, thank God that we are part of a movement of God that shared the Good News of Jesus to those in areas such as Baiyer, Telefomin, Kompiam, Lumusa, Lapalama, Tekin and more.

I with 22 other visitors from Australia (mostly who had served with Global Interaction or were relatives of those earlier intercultural workers), were guests of honour albeit uncomfortable with the provision of seating on a covered platform. We witnessed many hundreds – pastors and their people – standing for hours in the heavy rain (it was too wet and muddy to sit on the ground), and no building large enough to accommodate them. They rejoiced to hear the Word of God." « Back to News