A Team of Teams

Wednesday 06 May

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the importance of 'team'.

All my working life I have served on teams and it’s innately shaped in me a strong passion to build great teams and celebrate the power of what we can do together.

Over the past fortnight I have connected online with five of our intercultural teams across the world. I had hoped to visit some of these teams in person this year, but for now I am thankful for Zoom engagement.

All our intercultural teams serve in a unique setting. Each faces different challenges, but each is marked by a passionate commitment to our shared vision at Global Interaction.

As we connected, it was thrilling to hear of lives being transformed by the hope of Jesus in places where the Gospel is yet to take root. It’s always encouraging to hear how God worked in different ways and through different people to get our intercultural workers to where they serve. I’ve been keen to hear about what we’ve been learning in the midst of COVID-19 and it’s always fun to share in friendly banter about places of birth, state rivalries and favourite footy teams.

Through all of these conversations I have been reminded of the importance of teamwork – one of our Global Interaction core values.

In reality, as I reminded our staff team last week, as a mission movement we are a 'team of teams'.

I am thankful to God for each of our intercultural teams around the world.

I am thankful to God for the National Office team I get to serve with on a day to day basis – a team passionately committed to supporting our work around the world.

I am thankful to God for our State teams who are at the grassroots, engaging with churches, partners, candidates and other key stakeholders.

I am thankful for local church mission teams, who play such a key role in harnessing prayer, intercultural mission awareness and partnership support.

I am thankful for dedicated Global Interaction prayer groups and fundraising teams who quietly get on with their ministries.

I am thankful for our Board and their wise oversight and governance.

And in May Mission Month, I am mindful of all our partners – churches and supporters – across our movement – across the nation and beyond – who make up the broad, diverse and wonderful Global Interaction team.

Thank you to every one of you who are part of Team Global Interaction!

This week I have heard some beautiful stories of people coming to know Jesus.

This week I have seen God answering prayer for one of our intercultural families in the Silk Road Area team.

This week I have shared in some very encouraging strategic conversations for our future.

Behind each of these things is our gracious, loving God and teams of passionate people.

Thank you for being part of our team this May!

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