Wednesday 23 Nov

Scott and Janelle recently returned to Cambodia and visited some Khmer friends.

Upon returning from Home Assignment, Scott and Janelle’s Khmer friends Mr D and Mrs S were thrilled to see them again. They were eager to hear more about God. Scott and Janelle visit their friends every week, to read the Bible, sing traditional Khmer songs and pray with them. Mrs S has been quite unwell for years and the team has been able to spend time praying with her and affirming that Jesus has the power to heal. God is working in their hearts, growing and drawing them to Him in ways that make sense to them.   

A group of children from the village also gather when Scott and Janelle arrive and they have begun sharing Bible stories with them.

Pray for God’s healing power to relieve Mrs S of her illness and for the family’s continued desire to know more about God.    « Back to News