Being Accepted - Mozambique

Wednesday 23 May

Cam experiences a change as he sits and listens.

Sometimes our intercultural workers can feel conspicuous or like they get special or different treatment among the communities they live. Of course, no matter how many years intercultural workers lives in another place, there will always be an element of them not being the same as those who have been part of the culture their whole lives. However, as they develop friendships and their understanding of language and culture, they can become accepted outsiders. 

Recently there was a moment for Cam where he sensed a shift in how a certain group of Yawo men related to him. He spent a few hours visiting the group. They just sat in the shade of the tall grass and spoke about culture and life in different countries. Heading home, he felt a greater sense of place within this group of people than he had before. Last week he went on an early walk and one of the Yawo men gestured for him to join the group. They were sitting there discussing community happenings and Cam felt privileged to be invited in to just sit, listen and observe. There was no special treatment, it was just an ordinary morning’s discussion in a Yawo village.

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