Saturday 01 Oct

‚ÄčKevin headed to a coffee shop to study for a language exam. 

One of his H students was also there and they began chatting. The student explained he was having a difficult time. Surprisingly, as Kevin was making some suggestions, another H student politely interrupted. “I overheard your conversation,” he said, “I have just had the worst week of my life! Can we talk?”

Kevin motioned for him to join them and they all talked together. He was able to tell both students that there was a God who cares for them and wants to journey with them. He explained how he believed that they did not need to carry life’s worries. They exchanged phone numbers and Kevin insisted that they could call him anytime they needed to talk.

Pray that Kevin continues to have deep conversations with his students and that they would come to know the truth of Jesus and the peace and hope He brings. « Back to News