Transformation - Cambodia

Wednesday 12 Jun

Witnessing transformation... inside and out.

Mr Li is a young Khmer man who Scott met more than a year and a half ago. When Scott met him, Mr Li was in a very challenging situation. He had become paralysed due to Tuberculosis of the spine, however he had been misdiagnosed and never received the treatment or support he needed. Believing Mr Li to be lazy, his family had placed him at the front of their home in order to shame him into getting up and working. Heartbreakingly, there is a lot of misunderstanding around disability in Cambodia and people with disabilities are often not treated with dignity or able to access adequate care.  

Since meeting Mr Li, Scott has worked with him on his rehabilitation and slowly they have seen progress. From being bedridden, to using a walker, to now walking with a four-point stick… Mr Li, Scott and the rehabilitation team have much to celebrate. However, this is only the beginning of Mr Li’s transformation. 

Over the past 18 months, Scott and Mr Li have had many conversations about Jesus and regularly read the Bible together. Scott has witnessed Mr Li’s inner transformation from depression to joy, and from hopelessness to faith. Thank God for Mr Li’s continued healing both physically and spiritually, and the renewed hope and passion he has for life. Please pray for his family to see Jesus as the Saviour for all people, including the Khmer.  « Back to News