Not Impossible for God - Central Asia

Wednesday 07 Aug

It may seem far away, but it's not impossible for God.

Pete and Nomes share how they are spurred on by testimony of God at work:
"We recently met with leaders of the organisation to share, pray and plan. This was a really valuable and encouraging time. We left feeling more committed than ever to staying here for the long haul, persisting in the challenging and slow process of learning language and endeavouring to build close, long-term friendships with the hope that our H friends discover the joy of knowing Jesus.

If we’re honest, a lot of the time, our long-term vision of seeing vibrant faith communities formed among H people is such a distant reality that it seems practically impossible. But while we were away [at the meetings], we were buoyed by stories from other teams who are serving in different but also challenging contexts. For them, after years and years of learning language and building friendships with little to no obvious fruit, the past twelve months or so has brought amazing things and people are wanting to hear about and follow Jesus! God can turn the impossible into a reality (Mt. 19:26)!   

We are convinced that God is also at work here and that He has specifically called us to the H people. Our desire is to do this in community, with others who have the same vision and sense of calling. We are praying that God would raise up more people to join us, or more accurately, to join Him in what He is doing here. 

While we know the idea of long-term intercultural work seems crazy to many, we feel compelled to ask the question: Have you ever considered the possibility that God might be calling you to intercultural work?" « Back to News