Changing the Rules - Cambodia

Wednesday 30 Aug

Khmer tennis coaches discover an unexpected truth about Jesus.

Through the tennis program, the team works closely with Khmer coaches and players. As the players train hard, persevere and encourage each other, the team is witnessing a transformation. From underprivileged youth lacking confidence, the team is now seeing young people who are starting to thrive as they realise their potential. Beyond just developing tennis and life skills, the team also has many opportunities to share the Gospel with the young Khmer players. 

Life changing transformations are also slowly taking place with the coaches. The weekly coaches meeting begins with a Bible study. Recently they looked at the story in Mark 2 of the paralysed man who was lowered through the roof to meet Jesus. The Buddhist background coaches have the understanding that blessings only come through good works and attaining merit. Reading the story of the paralysed man prompted an insightful discussion from the coaches about how Jesus came to ‘change the rules.’ 

Thank God that He is opening the Khmer coaches’ eyes to the unexpected truth of His Word and pray that they would remain curious to find out more.

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