Connecting Over Language

Wednesday 25 Oct

Intercultural workers build friendships with their language nurturers.

In order to form deep friendships and effectively share the Gospel it is vital for intercultural workers to develop local language skills and cultural understanding. As they spend many hours together, often local language nurturers are some of the first people intercultural workers build good friendships with and share stories from the Bible.  

In the Silk Road Area, David and Eliza’s K language nurturers are both showing a genuine interest in understanding more of what David and Eliza believe as well as sharing from their heart about the life challenges they  are experiencing. In South East Asia, the team continue to have great conversations with their B.I language nurturers. 

Thank God for the opportunities our teams have to build relationships and share their faith with their local language nurturers and pray He would be opening their hearts to receive His love.   

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