A Simple Question

Wednesday 07 Oct

Kate explores how a single question can lead to significant conversations.

As part of Kate’s preparation to join the team in South East Asia, she is studying culture and language online with a local language nurturer, Mrs M. In one lesson, Mrs M mentioned that in her religion, Islam, there are multiple levels of Heaven. This stuck with Kate and she shares what happened next, “During the following week, I thought about what these different levels of heaven are. I had heard about this before, but not in much detail. So the next week I asked Mrs M. She didn’t know exactly, but looked up an article, and we had a bit of a chat about heaven and entering heaven. Mrs M explained that on the final day everyone’s sins and good deeds would be weighed up to determine where they go and that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own sins. 
Then she asked me, ‘In your religion, who takes responsibility for sins?’ While not perfectly, I answered, ‘The Son took responsibility when He was killed and came back to life. So all who believe can be certain of entering heaven. But heaven isn’t just a place that we go to later, but also an experience of peace with the Father now.’ This was just a small moment, but it was exciting. I was thankful to have the opportunity to share that with Mrs M and I was encouraged that I could share this in her language. It also helped me really see the importance of asking other people questions about their own religion. If I hadn’t followed up with my question about the levels of heaven, this opportunity wouldn’t have come up.” 
Praise God for the opportunity Kate had to share with Mrs M. Pray for their relationship to grow and for more opportunities to share. « Back to News