Crossing Streets Near and Far

Wednesday 11 May

This May Mission Month, how is God leading you to cross the street?

This Sunday I am speaking in Sydney, the third State I have travelled to in three weekends. May Mission Month brings a very busy schedule but it’s wonderful to be connecting in person with churches and partners across the country. 

It is also very encouraging to hear the positive response to the great range of May Mission Month resources our team have developed under the 'Crossing the Street' theme. You can find everything you need to know about May Mission Month 2022 here >>

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the Tasmanian Baptist Assembly. It was great to connect with pastors and leaders from across the State as they embrace their strategy of 'Re-engage, Re-imagine, Re-align'.

As they consider this challenging strategic direction it was encouraging to hear stories of innovation from local churches, seeking to find new and meaningful ways of being church and engaging with local communities. 

A research group recently completed a missiological review paper, which included examining some of the key foundations to who we have been and who we are as a mission community. Looking back over 140 years the research team was struck by our consistent commitment to incarnation and innovation.

In diverse ministry expressions over our long history, we have sought to model Christ’s incarnation. As Jesus came into the human neighbourhood, our workers have lived, served and embodied the good news of Jesus in communities across the globe.

And from our earliest days we have sought to be innovative and creative in our ministry approach, with the desire that more people would hear and experience the good news of Jesus in ways that makes sense to them.

Our 2022 theme of 'Crossing the Street' captures these key foundations very well.

It reminds local churches of the importance of crossing the street in their own neighbourhood to meet people that God’s Spirit has placed in our lives as people of peace. 

Further it’s a reminder that healthy mission-focused churches are marked by a commitment to local and global mission.

It also challenges us individually. Where are we being called, invited by our gracious God, to cross the street to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our beautiful but broken world?

What does it mean for you and me, day to day, to seek to model Jesus’ incarnation as we engage in our local communities? And how we can be innovative and creative in our approaches? How can we encourage innovation in our local churches? 

We value your wonderful partnership with us, and we invite you to continue to spread the word about May Mission Month 2022 and ways that churches can partner with Baptist Mission Australia.

To cross streets across the globe, we also need the generous financial support of our partners, so can I also invite you to consider making a financial gift to our work during May. This will be an investment in the good news, as our intercultural team members bring the hope of Jesus to people who otherwise might never hear the Gospel in ways that make sense to them.

Thank you for partners in God's mission with us!

Grace and peace
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