Disability Inclusion - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 24 Oct

Petra begins working with children with disabilities and their families.

Petra is an Occupational Therapist and, along with the team, is establishing a new project with children with disabilities and their families. This project aims to help address the needs of children with disabilities among the local community and communicate the worth, value and capabilities of all people with disabilities. Children with disabilities in the Silk Road Area are often socially isolated from the greater community and there is a general belief that children with disabilities, regardless of severity, cannot or will not develop. 

Earlier this month, Petra hosted the first disability support group for families. In the lead up to the meeting she visited a number of different families to encourage them to come and in the end, two families came. The meeting was a great starting point and they had good discussions about the goals and logistics of the group. They were all very keen to have regular meetings where their children could socialise and where they would receive advice and training.

Thank God for the families who came along and their willingness to try something new and pray that as the group develops, there will be a real and tangible benefit for those involved. Pray also that the wider community will become a more inclusive for people with disabilities. « Back to News