Opening Gates - Silk Road Area

Tuesday 21 Nov

As time passes, Ben and Petra are welcomed in. 

Arriving to the Silk Road Area in late winter; icy, cold, grey. This was the experience of team members Ben, Petra and their young family when they first arrived early last year. Aware that their home was labelled ‘the foreigner house’ and unaware of the connotations of this, warm wishes of welcome were not initially on this neighbourhoods agenda. Even the gesture of a wave sent their elderly neighbour running to shut her gate.

With the change in season, so too the circumstances. Now 18 months on the gates that were once promptly closed shut are opening. There is nothing quite like the experience of being rejected and then in time, welcomed. As the coldness of winter dissipates we anticipate the blossoms of spring. In time these blossoms will bloom as does our witness rely on the right time and season.

Pray that doors in the community continue to open for the team. Pray also that as their language skills develop, the team's friendships with local people will continue to grow and deepen.  

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