Dwelling Deeply on Scripture - Cambodia

Wednesday 08 Feb

Som spent four years as a Buddhist monk before working day and night as a moto taxi driver to help contribute to his family’s rice-farming income. 

Scott and Janelle met Som two years ago and they began to develop a friendship. Soon Som was included in all areas of Scott and Janelle’s life. Scott began sharing life with Som over meals, working together as part of the tennis program and enjoying fun family activities. They even included Som in their family prayer time, explaining why they prayed together and asked if Som felt comfortable to join in. Som showed increasing interest in stories about Jesus, studying the Bible with the family and learning how to pray. 

Due to his training as a monk, Som dwells deeply on Scripture, taking time to learn, understand and reflect. He loves how the truth spoken of in the Bible can be applied practically in his life today. As he walks with Jesus, Som is working out what it means to follow Him in a Khmer culture. Som has also been able to teach Scott and Janelle about Khmer culture and his reflective approach to studying the Bible has been an example to the whole team. « Back to News