Growing, Vibrant Faith Communities - Thailand

Wednesday 21 Aug

We imagine a day when we see growing, vibrant faith communities...

The Ethnic Thai team are living, working and serving across Northern Thailand. The team seeks to build authentic relationships with people and share Jesus with their words and the way they live their lives. We praise God that over the past years, we have witnessed Ethnic Thai people meeting Jesus and local faith communities beginning to gather and grow. Here are some updates of these faith communities:

Ban Sra - Since 2006 local believers have joined together as a faith community. While they are still supported through training events and intercultural worker visits, they are thriving on their own. As they share their faith within their community, they are seeing family and friends also come to know Jesus. Pray for seekers to recognise the transformation Jesus has made in the lives of others and grow hungry to know more.

Ban Luang and Ban Faa - The Ban Luang and Ban Faa faith communities have been meeting together since 2013 and 2014 respectively. Many intercultural workers have served within these communities, partnering with them as they grow in their faith in Jesus. After all these years, these groups are now ready to be lead by local leaders, allowing the team to seek new areas of ministry. 

These faith communities have a strong leadership, faithful members and together they are continuing to learn what it means to be followers of Jesus and witnesses of the Gospel in their context. Pray that as they read God's Word they will be encouraged in their understanding of who He is.

Photo taken by C.Ziegenhardt​ 

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