Enthusiasm for God's Word - South Asia

Wednesday 07 Feb

Teaching his own people with depth and conviction.

After coming to faith in Jesus as a young man 35 years ago, Mr H now teaches God’s Word to B people with depth and conviction.

Team leader Morris was at a gathering of B people to study God’s Word. He was preparing to share on a particular Scripture when Mr H began leading the group. To Morris’ surprise and delight, Mr H gave almost the exact same teaching Morris had planned and spoke from the same Scripture. He even shared insight about the original Hebrew words’ meaning as Morris had intended to.

Over the past decades, Mr H has sought deep understanding and insight about Jesus through the Scriptures. He continues to do so and encourages others to as well. For Morris, it was extremely encouraging to witness Mr H’s enthusiasm for God’s Word and the way God’s Spirit is moving among B believers, raising up teachers and leaders.

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