Exploring God's Word Together - Central Asia

Wednesday 29 Sep

Pete and Nomes share about the exciting conversations God's stories are opening up.

“Throughout the course of the year, Pete has continued to meet with Mike for culture and language lessons. He has also been regularly connecting with other H friends over meals and at various other social gatherings.

During the summer, as part of his language lessons, Pete has been working through a number of stories from the Bible with Mike. First, Pete studies the stories on his own, and then he brings them to Mike and they chat through and record any new words that Pete has encountered through the text. 

It has been fascinating to see the cultural insights that Mike brings in his understanding of the words being used and the meaning of the stories as a whole.

To this point they have focused on the early New Testament, allowing Mike for the first time to hear in-depth stories about someone whom he reveres as a ‘saint’ but, in reality, knows little about. Please ask that as they continue to do this, Mike will be captivated by these stories, and that he would come to know this man, not just as a ‘saint’, but as his Saviour and King.
- Pete and Nomes, intercultural workers in Central Asia « Back to News