Forgiveness and Healing - Thailand

Wednesday 17 May

The healing of an Ethnic Thai believer inspires the faith of others. 

Mrs M is an Ethnic Thai follower of Jesus who was recently baptised. She had been struggling with health problems including partial loss of vision and a bad rash. A little while ago, while praying about Mrs M’s condition, Intercultural Worker Belle felt God tell her that Mrs M needed to forgive her mother. When Belle spoke with Mrs M, she immediately knew what she needed to forgive her mother about, even though the incident had occurred more than a decade previously. She spoke to her mother that day, forgave her and asked for forgiveness herself for holding onto the incident all these years.

Amazingly, her skin completely healed and her vision returned almost to normal! Mrs M was so excited and couldn’t help sharing her story with those around her. At their weekly faith community gathering, Mrs M’s story inspired such faith, that they prayed for healing and spoke about the importance of forgiving each other. One Ethnic Thai believer shared that he feels Jesus is distant from him. They prayed that he would feel Jesus’ presence close by and know that He is always there.

Thank God for the miraculous healing of Mrs M and the way this is strengthening her faith and the faith of the other believers. Pray for God’s revelation as the Ethnic Thai believers grow in their understanding of prayer and healing.       « Back to News