Foundation of Friendship - South East Asia

Wednesday 26 Jun

Faith sharing in the context of authentic relationships. 

For nearly 20 years, Dave and Caz have been serving among the B.I and S.I people. Their heart is for their local friends to meet Jesus and experience life in Him, however there are real cultural and religious barriers that hinder this. We praise God, though, that despite these barriers, His Spirit is at work among the B.I and S.I people and He is using our team to share Jesus and grow His Kingdom.

Dave and Caz’s many years of intercultural ministry experience has taught them that people are most open to conversations about faith in the context of an authentic, trusting relationship. So they invest in relationships, they seek areas of common ground and they demonstrate genuine respect for the things that are important to their friends. This foundation of respect, trust and friendship is what can lead to faith sharing and an openness to engage with stories from the Bible.

To mark the end of the fasting month, Ramadan, feasts to break the fast are enjoyed. The feast is an opportunity to give thanks to God and rejoice together. Dave and Caz hosted a feast at their home and invited 40 of the local Education Foundation staff, who are people they have been journeying with for many years. In this space, they invited Issa (Jesus) in, praying that He would bring blessing, restoration, peace and a new start. In the name of Jesus, they honoured God at this feast.

Pray that God’s Spirit will open their local friends’ eyes to the truth of Jesus as Saviour and God’s son. « Back to News