Freedom in Christ - Lebabon

Wednesday 16 Dec

Milard shares a story of transformation.

"John, Juliana and John’s father visited our church after somebody had told John about our church. They came for the first time on Good Friday when we normally do a very reflective service. After deep reflections on the cross, singing worship songs and hearing the word, John and his father were in tears and deeply touched by the spirit of God.

I went to John and his father and they asked if they could come on Sunday and of course I said yes! On Sunday I saw John, his father, his fiancé Juliana, and his sister arrive early and excited to be there. Well after a few weeks I had the privilege of leading them to a commitment to Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

This was a significant moment for John. He comes from a wealthy family but at the age of 16 his mother left them and divorced their father. She left Lebanon and went to another country. This devastated John and he turned to drugs and alcohol and became very depressed. But after giving his life to Christ, attending church, home group and being discipled, John was transformed. His character and countenance has changed drastically and he was set free from so many addictions. He continues to press on to be whole in other areas of his life. John is on fire for the Lord and shares his faith on a regular basis.

He also brings many seekers to church. John is such a joy and a blessing. He is a real miracle of God."
- Milard, Intercultural Worker in Lebanon

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