From English Lessons to Faith - Central Asia

Wednesday 05 Apr

A young student decides to follow Jesus in Central Asia.  

Recently, Kevin was approached by some students to assist them with their English. The girl has a part-time job and had been given a Bible by her employer, which included an English translation. Kevin gave her friend a Bible written in the local H dialect as he didn’t already own one. In return the male student gave Kevin a neatly framed photo of the three of them studying their first lesson together.

They use the Bible in their English lessons and one of the students replays the passages they have read together on her phone. They have many conversations about what they are reading. On one occasion, Kevin spoke about how God uses ordinary people and can use us once we invite Him into our lives. Following that conversation, the female student’s employer let Kevin know she had decided to follow Jesus and invited Him into her life.
Praise God for this and pray for Kevin’s continuing friendship with these students as they grow in their faith and understanding of God.
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