Good Neighbours

Wednesday 29 Apr

Scott Pilgrim explores what it looks like to live as a 'good neighbour'.

Across the globe our intercultural workers seek to live as 'good neighbours' in the diverse and unique Gospel-deprived communities they call home.

David and Eliza, serving among the K people of the Silk Road Area, invite us to continue to pray for them, their street and their neighbours as they seek to model the love of God in a culture where there are so many barriers to the Gospel.
David and Eliza can only do what they do with our support – churches and partners – prayerfully, practically and financially standing with them. We can all play our part by sharing in Global Interaction’s May Mission Month – a great opportunity to come together and invest in our organisation’s compelling Kingdom vision. Find out more here >>
Living as good neighbours, David and Eliza came to know a seven-year-old boy in their local community as he often played in their backyard with their kids. Heartbreakingly, the little boy recently died.
David and Eliza were invited by neighbours to visit the family home of the boy who had died. They joined their neighbours, David sitting with the men and Eliza spending time, crying with the women.
When I first heard this story my mind immediately went to The Message translation of John 1:14: “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood.”
I love that picture. Jesus – grace with a human face – moves into our world; into our lives – into the human neighbourhood. He actively chooses to participate in our beautiful, yet broken world. And he invites us, he send us, into our neighbourhoods to bring his love and hope by word and deed.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches across the globe are being challenged to discover new ways to engage in their local community, they are needing to look beyond 'business as usual' activities; followers of Jesus are being reminded of the importance of good, neighbourly participation.


But this is not new territory for Global Interaction. Far from it!

Our intercultural workers have been moving into neighbourhoods around the world for many years, bringing the life-transforming message of Jesus. They learn the language, they learn the culture, they live as good neighbours, they seek to enhance the wellbeing of the local community. They make a Kingdom impact, one life at a time.
That’s just what David and Eliza seek to do, day by day, in their street, in their neighbourhood in another part of the world; breaking down barriers, going the distance, modelling the love of God.
Having visited the grieving family, David and Eliza were invited to return to the home the next day. Naturally, they were unsure, not wanting to make anyone feel uncomfortable. But with the re-assurance of a neighbour David and Eliza again joined the local community in the little boy’s home.
They suddenly felt a strong sense of solidarity, regardless of their nationality, they were neighbours. They were welcomed.
 “What we learnt about K culture, how we were included and the time we were able to spend with neighbours we otherwise didn’t know very well was invaluable. While we pray for the family, we are grateful for this opportunity to share in their grief and support our neighbours,” David and Eliza commented.
Please join me this week, let’s intentionally pray for David and Eliza and their street, their community and their growing relationships, as they seek to bring the hope of Jesus to people in a way that makes sense.
Every day in many different ways our mission family live as good neighbours across the globe. They live out grace with a human face. They need you and I on the journey with them, so please join me and make the most of May Mission Month 2020 as we stay 'in step' with Jesus.

If we can assist you in any way this May please be in touch with our team.

Serving Jesus Together

Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director
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