Friday 01 Apr

K farmer invites intercultural workers to spend time with him.

The Silk Road team were recently on an exploratory trip near their village. As the snow fell, a K farmer stood by his house in the distance, gesturing for the group to come to him. They headed to meet him and he showed them around his barn and his animals. 

As they spoke together in the bitter wind they learnt that he had no wife or children. He was living a solitary life in the emptiness around him. He was eager to see them again, “Please come back when it is warmer and we can ride into the mountains”. The team promised to do so. They left feeling privileged to be invited into this man’s world and knew a lonely life had been touched simply by being there.

Where will it lead? Maybe only into the beautiful mountains. But maybe also beside still waters, where his soul will be restored. Please pray that these ‘random encounters’ with our team will prove to be what we believe they are, divine appointments and that the K people will encounter Jesus. « Back to News