God Encounters - Thailand

Wednesday 04 Aug

Villy and Muana share about two God-filled encounters.

“Recently while on the train heading to meet with some of the Ethnic Thai faith community leaders, Villy received a message from a woman she did not recognise. As they chatted Villy was curiously trying to figure out who she was, as the woman seemed to know her well.

In the middle of our training session with the leaders, Muana received a call from K*, a follower of Jesus from our community in the city, saying he was not feeling well. Muana offered to pray for him over the phone as he was unable to visit him straight way. Having estranged relationships with his family, K* had called his daughter who did not respond kindly to him and his son who didn’t pick up the call.

In his desperation of feeling lonely and not well, he had called us. He said, "When you prayed for God's healing touch on me in the afternoon, I felt and saw in a vision a hand reaching out to me. I have never encountered such an experience in my life." He also shared how he had a heart-warming experience when we first met in our house over a meal. We just sat there amazed and gave thanks to God in our hearts. Please continue to pray for good physical and spiritual health.

Later on Villy figured out who the woman was - U*, a chef in a small Thai restaurant that we use to frequent pre-COVID days. A few days later she came to visit us. She shared about losing her job and struggling to make ends meet due to the impact of COVID to the economy. She had no one to turn to and remembered Li (Villy). "Li ,where are you?" She looked for Villy on her phone and found her. Villy could not help her with her plans to invest in restarting the restaurant, however, helped her with a plan to start a home delivery meal service with us being the first customers! She’ll deliver meals three times a week for the different Bible study groups.

Villy explained to U* that it was no coincidence she thought of her and shared the hope we have in Jesus. After we prayed with her, she asked, "What must I do to follow Jesus"? We encouraged her talk to Jesus and share her difficulties and struggles with Him, and also invited her to join a weekly Bible study group with us.”
- Muana and Villy, Intercultural Workers in Thailand

*Full names of local people have not been used for the protection of Ethnic Thai believers and the ongoing ministry.  « Back to News