God Breaks Through - Silk Road Area

Tuesday 05 May

God breaks through in the midst of suffering and travel restrictions. 

One of David and Eliza’s K friends, Anna, who is also believer, recently experienced terrible pain in her face which required an MRI and certain medication. Both of these were only accessible in the city and due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, it didn’t seem possible for Anna to be able to access them. David and Eliza prayed hard with their friend and God miraculously intervened for her to be able to have the MRI done and placed Eliza in the path of the pharmacy owner who could have the medication couriered from the city. Another miracle took place while Anna was in the MRI machine. When she entered the machine, she heard a voice saying, “Your suffering is nothing like my suffering,” and later, “you will find new friends from this experience”. The doctor said he hadn’t spoken to her while she was in the machine and her husband told her later that it was Jesus who had spoken to her.

Praise God for His activity in Anna’s life and his miraculous intervention in this circumstance. Give thanks that Jesus walks with us in our suffering and pray for Anna to remain courageous in sharing her story so God will be glorified through her testimony. « Back to News