God's Word Accessible - Thailand

Wednesday 30 May

A lecturer places the Bible in an unlikely library. 

Paul is now based in Australia following many years of living and serving in Thailand. His ministry continues, however, through working with the teams in Thailand and Cambodia to help develop the effectiveness of their faith-sharing in a Buddhist context. A key aspect of Paul’s ministry in Thailand was connecting with monks and people who were training to become monks. Now, every few months when he spends time with the team, he also reconnects with his monk and former monks friends. 

Last year Paul gave a friend, who is a lecturer at the university for novice monks, a Bible along with other complimentary resources to read. Recently Paul met with him again and found out that he had placed the Bible and resources in the university library. He had appreciated reading the material so much that he thought others should have the opportunity as well!

Thank God for the way He is active within this community. Pray that those He is preparing to know Him, will come across the Bible and resources in the library, read them and be stirred to find out more.

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