"...God is my Provider" - Thailand

Wednesday 29 Mar

Noy, an Ethnic Thai believer, was recently baptised.

When Noy first visited Mauna and Villy’s home, she put up her guard. They noticed that she kept herself busy and didn’t want to interact with them. Their friendship begun to develop, however, when Villy attended some aerobics classes where Noy was the instructor. Noy started to spend time with Muana and Villy, became more comfortable with them and eventually became Villy’s language nurturer. She also began coming to the Bible study group Muana and Villy led at their home. 

Over time, conversations and through the warmth and peace she felt when she was with Muana and Villy, Noy turned to Jesus. She came to realise that her old faith gave her nothing but fear and insecurity. All the ‘good merits’ she did was never enough. She was touched that when she started praying to Jesus, her prayers were being answered. 

Now she is ready to be baptised! She was baptised earlier this month and shared, “My new faith requires nothing of me other than my heart to God. I don’t have to do anything to be a child of God, I am already blessed by God. I have decided to give my life to Jesus as I know He is my provider.” « Back to News