Wednesday 30 Nov

Max and Ezzie are serving among the B.I and making connections within their community. 

Max and Ezzie are involved in the Education Foundation, with their language skills allowing them to communicate well and build friendships with the B.I. Ezzie has enjoyed getting to know Mrs N. She is a Muslim woman who has been friends with Marg, a team member who recently returned to Australia, for many years. It is through this long connection with Marg, that Mrs N feels comfortable to have conversation about faith with Ezzie.
It can certainly take many years of relationship building and sharing about faith, for someone to make a decision to follow Jesus. For Mrs N, her journey is still going and Ezzie is intentionally seeking ways to invest in the friendship and deepen their conversations. Pray for Mrs N to not only be open to conversations but also open to being transformed by the hope of Jesus. « Back to News