Impact - South Asia

Wednesday 24 Apr

Responding to the need and seeking God. 

Team Leader Morris has recently spent time in South Asia with our partner NGO. While visiting a project of the organisation he met a woman who recently became widowed. She is struggling to raise and provide for her three young daughters. This is just one story and there are many, many others like it in South Asia. Our partner NGO is working hard to respond to the great need around them and empower B people to better their own lives through a range of projects. 

We praise God that many of the local NGO staff are followers of Jesus. On this recent trip to South Asia, Morris saw the impact of the staff regularly sharing the Word of God together. They are hungry for more of God and a deeper experience of His love and mercy.
Thank God for the tireless work of our team and partner NGO in South Asia and the way He is at work in and through them.      « Back to News