Invited In - Mozambique

Wednesday 12 Sep

Trust grows between the team and the Yawo community.

For the Yawo, significant cultural importance is placed on the initiation of girls and boys. For this reason, the team has felt incredibly privileged to be invited to be a part of this deep cultural experience. Last year Bek had the opportunity to spend time with two groups of girls aged between seven and fourteen years during their three to six week initiation period. With the guidance of older Yawo women, the girls learn what it means to be a Yawo woman through stories, proverbs, songs and games. 

This year, Bek was again invited to go to the initiation, but this time she was offered the opportunity to share with the girls and input into what they were learning. How amazing! During this incredibly important cultural point in these girls’ lives, Bek was able to share about God through Bible stories. The Yawo women present were also engaging with the stories and reiterated certain parts to the girls for emphasis. 

Praise God for the mutual trust that is developing between the team and the Yawo community that has allowed Bek to be invited to be a part of these initiations. Pray for deepening relationships and a growing enthusiasm to hear more stories from God’s Word.        « Back to News