Looking Forward and Back - Papua New Guinea

Wednesday 16 Oct

Anticipating the next 70 years.

The 70th anniversary of the first Australian Baptist intercultural workers who served in Papua New Guinea was celebrated in June 2019. Former worker, Jenny Waddell attended the events and shares her experience.

“In 1949 two ex-army chaplains walked into the Baiyer Valley. They were followed soon after by nurses, builders, agriculturalists, teachers – even a linguist. In 2019, the 70th anniversary celebrations marked that trip into the Baiyer Valley. Since then, the work has expanded over many areas and to many towns of PNG. A total of 24 former intercultural workers made the trip from Australia and New Zealand to help celebrate this special milestone.

Friday saw the re-enactment of the first coming of the missionaries into the valley. Men and women dressed in their traditional outfits and some of our team played the part of the first workers, Albert Kroenert, and Harry Orr. By the grace of God, and support of Baptists in Australia, that work has continued to grow and expand. The Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG) continues to reach others for Jesus!

Throughout the anniversary events, neither age, colour, language or level of education was a hindrance to appreciating the celebration of so many years of sharing the love of Jesus with others. I thank God for the opportunity of joining with my brothers and sisters in Christ, in thanking Him for His work in our lives, and in the lives of so many others. May we continue to share God’s love across cultures to witness His life-changing work.” « Back to News