Wednesday 19 Oct

In Malawi, there are groups meeting often to study the Bible. 

‚ÄčThe Yawo Men’s and Women’s Bible study groups are growing in number and meeting regularly. Upon learning about God’s generous love they decided to look around them and ask God to whom they might show His generous love. Mama Gift is a widow whose father also recently passed away. She lives in a small house with her four children. It has a leaky thatched roof and dirt floor. The groups decided to help her by not only giving her some food, but also building her a new house! Everyone pitched in and gave what they could. The new house has brick walls and an iron roof.

This has changed Mama Gift’s life. She was so overwhelmed and thankful. Her son’s worked side by side with the men, wanting to be part of this incredible gift. Mama Gift now comes to the Ladies Group and wants to learn more about God’s plan for her life.  « Back to News