Walking Again - Mozambique

Wednesday 18 Sep

A young Yawo boy walks again.

One morning a healthy two and a half year old Yawo boy woke up paralysed. Kath and Cam are friends with the family and Kath, a physiotherapist, investigated the situation. She found that the boy, Hussien, could hold his head up but had no muscle tone in his arms or legs. Kath was so saddened by what she saw and knew the best chance for Hussien to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment was to go to a hospital across the border in Malawi. 

Although there is a distrust of hospitals among the Yawo community, the family did decide to go to the hospital in Malawi. The doctors did some test, however, after a few days, Kath found out that the family left the hospital before they received the results or began treatment. Weeks later, Kath had a dream about a woman who was paralysed and started to recover. She woke and prayed, “God, please let that dream be about Hussien.” That day she met Hussien’s uncle who told Kath that Hussien had started to move his arms! Kath prayed that God would continue to heal him.

In early August, Kath and Cam, while on Home Assignment in Australia, received a video of Hussien walking! Kath wrote of the moment she saw the video, “I couldn’t stop watching it and I couldn’t stop the happy tears from pouring out. Praise the Lord! He’s not perfectly healthy yet – he’s still very weak and a bit sore from having to work so hard to control those legs but he’s almost there and it is just so, so good.” « Back to News