"I Have a Question" - Mozambique

Wednesday 04 Nov

God's Word is alive and prompts a response.

Team member Scott shares a story of God's Word breaking through. 

"The kids were in bed and we were winding down for the night when my phone rang. We're not strangers to nighttime phone calls here, but most of the time they are to convey news of a death or ask for assistance when someone is sick. This time was different.
'Baba, I have some questions I want to ask you. Can we talk now?'
'Aren't I coming to sit with you tomorrow?'
'Yes, but I've been thinking about this since Monday and I don't want to wait any longer.'

One friend here has been avidly reading the Bible an is seeking to understand it better. We sit together each week and discuss what it means. But lately, he's also started ringing throughout the week to talk about something he's just read or has been thinking about. It's becomming common to answer the phone and hear, 'Babba, I have a question...' "
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