Peace and Joy - Thailand

Wednesday 22 Dec

Muana and Villy share a story of transformation.

"Kasem lived with his family in his wife’s village. Six years ago, they separated and he returned to his village with his daughter. His elder sister was a member of the small Bible study group we led. She invited him along and he became a regular member.

His growing understanding of the Gospel sparked a faith in Jesus. His favourite line in the believers creed is “Jesus showed us the best way to live our lives”. He shared with Muana that he has peace and joy. He is free to be himself and in choosing to become a follower of Jesus, is moving away from his old life to a new life with a secure future and a new mind. Kasem now leads the faith community in his village and he recently hosted the Christmas celebration in his farm house."

Pray with us for Kasem and all the Ethnic Thai believers as they grow in their faith in Jesus and reach out to their communities with the good news. And praise God for the way He is using Muana, Villy and the team to share His love.  « Back to News