Sunday 01 Jun

Lulu supports a student as he seeks for the truth

JK met Intercultural Worker Lulu at the university where she teaches. Despite a distance of over 50 hours between where JK studies and his family lives, every holiday JK travels to help with farm labouring and to share the money that he has earned.

JK has noticed that his friends who are followers of Jesus make life-style changes and decisions which bring them joy and meaning. JK is reading the Bible and asks Lulu many questions. He doesn't want to believe just because of his friends experiences but is keen to discover the truth for himself.

Pray for Lulu as she helps JK study the Bible and answer his questions. Pray for protection over JK as he plans to meet with other believers. Pray also that he may have a life-changing encounter with Jesus and that he may be a witness to his family who live in an area with no other believers. « Back to News