One Story of Many - Malawi

Wednesday 17 Apr

Faith in the face of challenges. 

Melanie shares the story of a Yawo friend. “She sat in the group openly crying out to God, the same prayer she’d been praying for years. She has no money; she lives in a small mud hut, caring for her two young, small children. She is beautiful and her faith takes her into the waters of baptism. Her prayers are for her husband: he lives in South Africa and left her struggling with daily life. She wants him home. Two weeks after her open confession, we get a phone call. He’s back. He’s unwell, but she beams as she sits by his hospital bed. God has answered her prayers and she believes He will again; her husband will get better and begin the journey of understanding her faith in Jesus.”

This is one story of many. Every day the team serving among the Yawo encounter the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their friends as they journey alongside them. Their upcoming team retreat will focus on equipping them with the tools to respond well and maintain their own mental, spiritual and relational wellbeing. « Back to News