Overcoming Barriers

Wednesday 20 May

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the barrier breaking story of Mark 2 and what it means for our ministry.

I’ve always loved the story of the four men who bring their paralysed mate to Jesus in Mark 2. The men show the value of collaboration, determination and imagination. They are passionately committed to getting their friend to Jesus.
I’ve read this passage many times over recent months, sparked by a great conversation with Mark Holt, our Intercultural Director at Global Interaction. Mark highlighted how the passage is a great metaphor for our missional community as we see the men imaginatively and courageously breaking down the barriers that prevented their friend engaging with Jesus.
As Mark says: “At Global Interaction we’re committed to getting through the roof, we’re about breaking through cultural, religious and other traditional barriers that prevent people from hearing the good news of Jesus in ways that make sense to them.”
Let me encourage you to read this familiar story again with Mark’s metaphor in mind. It’s a very helpful, challenging lens for how we approach mission locally and globally. It’s a great story that speaks to our distinct missiology.

Strategic Mission Week
I have appreciated our organisation’s adaptability in the COVID season, as demonstrated by the team planning our next Strategic Mission Week. Unfortunately we won’t be gathering in Perth as planned, but the team has seized the opportunity to design an online hybrid format for this July.
From July 13-17 there will be four one-hour Zoom sessions each day. Small ‘hub’ groups will gather in colleges, churches and state offices to view the online sessions and engage in facilitated discussions, lunch breaks and some dedicated hub sessions. There will also be a few online hub groups for those overseas or in remote areas.
The new format allows for a broad range of session facilitators and we’re looking forward to input from various intercultural team members and Australian-based practitioners. All members of our Global Interaction community are welcome to participate in the whole week or selected days. The website, promotion emails and online registration forms will be ready by next week.

May Mission Month 
Thanks to all of you have engaged in May Mission Month 2020. It has been a very different May than we envisaged, but we’re thankful to God for the generous support and participation of many churches and supporters. Next week in my Hotline update I will share more about our May Appeal.
Take care
Serving Jesus Together
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