Responding with Forgiveness - Outback Australia

Wednesday 08 Mar

An indigenous church leader, Kara, responds with forgiveness after hurt.  

Kara has been a church leader and great example of Christ for many years. She has led many to the Lord, leads worship, mediated community disagreements and has a deep faith in God, which gave her peace and comfort. However, a difficult family issue became so hard for her to resolve that her church involvement was put to the background. Arguments, fighting and misunderstandings resulted in unrest in her family and the wider community.

For many months Bill, Pauline and her church friends sat with Kara, prayed, encouraged and assisted in mediation. Her friends knew that the biggest challenge for her was to resist the cultural norms of blame and payback and instead to forgive and reconcile. One Sunday morning Kara confessed, asking God and the church to forgive her. The church community embraced her there and then. Once again she is an active member of the church helping others to see God’s heart for reconciliation and His way to resolve disputes. « Back to News