Ripples - South East Asia

Wednesday 11 Sep

May ripples become waves of transformation.

Daz and Bee share of the 'ripples' they are witnessing among the S.I people. 

"Since living in South East Asia, we have had the privilege to meet a number of local followers of Jesus. They are incredibly inspiring people. Each day they experience community pressure for claiming the name of Jesus. They meet discreetly in homes to share together. These brothers and sisters of ours hold to their cultural practices, with a distinct difference, they follow the only One who saves!

Our new house helper, Mrs L, is also our sister! We are so thrilled about this and it has been a real privilege to open our home for her and her friends to hang out together. Please remember these women as they live boldly, even in difficult situations, for God. We also recently heard a story of a local leader who has become a follower of Jesus near our old home and is having a really positive influence in the community. We praise God for this!

Pray with us that these ripples become waves and true transformation takes place in South East Asia." « Back to News