The Start of a Movement - South East Asia

Wednesday 13 Jan

It starts with one person, one family, then another and another...

Team Leader Dave shares incredible stories of God moving in the lives one, then two, then countless more!

"Alice came to faith and was the first employee of the Education Foundation. She later brought two of her friends from university to interview and subsequently work there too. Over time, both of those women came to know Jesus, were baptised and are influencing others to come to faith. They both now hold leadership roles in the Education Foundation. All three of these women grew up in Muslim families and all three were the first believers in their extended families and villages. They are now passing on the Good News to others in their communities.

Bernie is the head of our Creation Care work. He is meeting weekly with six men from Muslim backgrounds who are now followers of Jesus. These men are from different parts of the city here and Bernie is training them in outreach and establishing new home groups. There have been ten people who have come to faith over the past few months through this ministry and there are several more families eager to hear the Good News.

These kinds of stories have been repeated over and over here among the local staff in the past few months. Praise God for the movement of His Spirit and pray for more people here to find freedom in Jesus."

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