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Thursday 07 Jul

Roger Kemp shares a story and update on the scholarships Baptist Mission Australia provides to students in India, Malawi and Zambia.


On 4 June, Ben graduated with a MA in Christian Leadership from Africa Bible College, Malawi.

His studies took 3 years and was made possible by the generous donations of Australian Baptists through the Baptist Mission Australia scholarship fund. His course cost almost $7,000.

Ben is now a pastor and part-time lecturer at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi situated in Lilongwe. BTSM is where Baptist Mission Australia intercultural team members, Gary and Shirley are based.

The scholarship fund is currently providing scholarships for five other students at BTSM – all doing a Bachelor of Theology degree. It costs $1,100 per year to maintain those students at BTSM.

Why Provide Scholarships?
Australian Baptists have provided scholarships to hundreds of students over the years – not only in theological education. Some – as with Dr Prodip Nazary in Assam – have been for primary and secondary school education in the times when it was not possible for Boro students to get an education in English in their location. Dr Prodip now heads up a high standard hospital at Tukrajhar with possibilities of surgery at a cost the local people can afford.

These days the scholarships are mainly for church leaders with the potential to lead their people in evangelism and Bible teaching. Baptist Mission Australia focuses on those applicants who would not otherwise be able to afford to be trained.

In a recent visit to Assam, Dr Kemp was told that 80% of the staff (including pastors, evangelists, women’s workers, youth workers and office staff) are Shalom Bible graduates.

Gifts towards this the Scholarship Fund will go towards educating such leaders. We can partner with the local churches to advance the cause of the gospel. Won’t you be part of this wonderful story?

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Where are the Scholarship Students Studying?

  • India: Shalom Bible College, Chil Chil University and Eastern Bible College
  • Malawi: Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi
  • Zambia: Central Africa Baptist College
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