Seeking Truth Together - Mozambique

Tuesday 11 Aug

Scott and Bek share about a group of Yawo men hungry to dig into the Bible. 

"From February to June, Scott started every weekday morning sitting with a group of five men reading the Bible. These men reviewed previous stories, read new passages and discussed what it meant for their lives. One of the men, the only follower of Jesus in the group, often took the lead, asking others questions from what had been read and exploring its application to their lives.

These men had been working with the team on a number of building projects, and as that work came to en end it was unclear how or if the group would continue. With no decision made by the group and recognising that a number of the men had said they'd be helping their families more now they didn't have paid work, on their last day together Scott informed them that he would be continuing to read the Bible outside every Thursday morning and any or all of them would be welcome to join him.

That first Thursday Scott thought he might be reading on his own, but four of the five me turned up with word that the fifth couldn't make it but would be there the next week. And each week since they've all continue to come! Please pray for these men, that as they talk, pray and engage with the Word of God they would be impacted."
- Scott and Bek, Intercultural Workers in Mozambique « Back to News