Seeking the Truth - Thailand

Wednesday 17 Feb

A young woman starts studying God's Word with Muana and Villy. 

"Our friend P* studied in a Christian school and always felt warmth in her heart participating in activities such as the Christmas celebrations. However, she was afraid to talk about her interest in God to her parents. Completing her studies, she started working in an office. On hearing from her elder sister about her mum becoming a believer recently (praise God!), she had mixed feelings about it but was keen to learn about God.

Her mum who lives in another province contacted us through mutual friends. P* has been coming to study the scriptures for the last three weeks. Her keenness in seeking the truth was refreshing and it did not surprise us to see her willingness so early on to open her heart to Jesus.

We met again yesterday and she shared that she doesn't feel lonely anymore. P* is different to others we have encountered and she has already let us know her available dates for the next weekly Bible Study. Please pray for her spiritual journey that she may have a good understanding of the scriptures with a strong faith."
- Muana and Villy, Intercultural Workers in Thailand

*For the protection of local believers, seekers and Global Interaction's ministry, we have not released her full name.  « Back to News