Sharing the Easter Story - South East Asia

Wednesday 26 Apr

Max and Ezzie use eggs as a window for their B.I friends to connect with the Easter Story.  

Over Easter, Max and Ezzie invited some B.I friends to their home for lunch. They had a lovely time together, playing games and getting to know each other better through sharing life. Eggs play an important role within B.I culture and they often have a place in ceremonies. Max and Ezzie used decorated Easter eggs to form a connection point between the message of Easter and their friend’s culture. Throughout the lunch they took the opportunity to share the Easter story with their friends and explain why it is a special day for them. They spoke about Jesus’ death and resurrection and the significance of this.

Each guest was given a decorated egg in a traditionally crafted basket and Max and Ezzie shared about how for them, the egg represents new life through Jesus.   

Thank God for the opportunity Max and Ezzie had to grow in their friendships and share the Easter story. Pray with Max and Ezzie that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak into the hearts of the B.I and many will receive new life through Jesus.  « Back to News