Sharing the Gospel - South East Asia

Tuesday 09 Jun

Alice's life has been changed and now she's sharing Jesus with others!

The Education Foundation now runs three branches in South East Asia. Dave and Caz and the team currently serve in two of the three branches, operating out of six locations, with local staff currently operating the third and newest branch.

Alice, a local S.I believer, was the first employee of the Education Foundation ten years ago. She is now a popular language nurturer and she loves to study the Bible. God is using her to share the message of Jesus with family members, colleagues and friends, many of whom know no other believers.

Praise God for Alice’s courage to follow God’s leading and the impact she is having in her community for Jesus. Pray for Alice’s parents and sons to become followers of Jesus. Pray also for the team in South East Asia as they journey with the local staff at the Education Foundation. « Back to News