Small Steps of Faith - South East Asia

Wednesday 11 Oct

Journeying together.

Mr A is a young B.I man and a devout Muslim. Dave and Edwina met him through the Education Foundation where Mr A has been both a student and a tutor. Initially, Mr A made it clear to Dave and Edwina that he was not interested in any conversation about their faith. However, as their friendship grew and Dave and Edwina showed genuine interest in his culture and faith, Mr A slowly became open to learning about their faith too. 

They began introducing each other to their Holy Books and discussing the similarities and differences between their beliefs. Mr A now recognises Jesus as a prophet, however is challenged with how to respond to the revelation of Jesus in the Bible compared with his Holy Book.

Dave and Edwina continue to journey with Mr A in his faith. Pray that Mr A will recognise Jesus as more than a prophet, but as ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’. Pray also that he will understand that if he chooses to follow Jesus, he can still remain within his culture and community.           

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