Snapshots to Celebrate - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 03 Mar

David and Eliza give us a glimpse of life, ministry and God at work on the Silk Road.

“It was a great pleasure to stand at the arrivals gates 10 days ago, waiting for our teammates Ben, Petra, Bryce and Lachlan to pop through the door. It’s been 19 months since they left for home assignment. So we were very pleased to welcome them back. They’re settling in well and we continue to lift them up as they establish a routine and reconnect with the community. Renewing Ben’s work permit and visa before the deadline in April is at the top of their to-do list.

In mid-January our K believing friend Anna gave birth to a baby boy. She has invited us to be his godparents, which is a great honour. So a few days after his birth, our family went to their house to conduct the first ‘bath’. What a privilege to wash, dry, dress, cuddle and pronounce blessings over this precious baby boy.

Please continue to pray for Anna and her family. Her husband Daniel is at home but not working so financially life has been very difficult. Anna’s oldest daughter, who has been a great help to her mum, has moved to the city to study at college. Anna is hosting a group of neighbours every Sunday to drink tea, read the good book and chat together. Anna continues to encourage a friend who is hosting her own meeting every week, which is very exciting.

Eliza’s English classes are progressing well, alongside our two local teachers, who are passionate, motivated, loyal women. It’s a pleasure to work with them. Every couple of weeks we sit down to discuss how our classes are going and then finish with a story from the Bible. Eliza took the lazy way out and photocopied the story she’d chosen, straight out of the good book. After Eliza told the story of Jesus in the desert, the questions started. “What comes next?” one teacher asked. “Who is this Isaiah man that’s mentioned in the next paragraph?” What a joy to see a thirst developing from these women for the stories from this book.” « Back to News